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Body positive, but not complacent

There’s a lot of passionate debate online over what body positivity means, but I’d like to focus on one part of the discussion: your view of your body. There will always be judgment coming from all directions, but that’s just noise. The most important ‘judgment’ is the one you make on yourself. In fact, it’s not judgment you need, but acceptance.

Having said that…

Yes, you have to love and accept your body just the way it is. BUT loving your body entails taking care of it by keeping it healthy and active.

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Skincare review: The Ordinary by Deciem

You know that glow some celebrities have that makes them look way above average and stand out in a crowd like some sort of goddess? It’s called beautiful skin.

In my line of work, I’ve met enough celebrities and TV personalities to know that the ethereal beauty that makes them so mesmerising goes beyond makeup. Beautiful, healthy, youthful skin makes a world of difference and for those moving around in elite circles, they have access to some of the best products out there, not to mention time and money for regular facials, spas and the full R&R treatment.