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Why do you do what you do?

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

I’ve written about books to help you find your ‘why’, and I’ve always been of the belief that life would be more meaningful if life decisions are driven by one’s why—in other words, a purpose. Let’s put that in the context of health and fitness.

Recently, I’ve had several conversations about motivation and intentionwhy some women aim to look a certain way, get really lean, strong or, some would say, “look like men”; post fitness progress pictures on Instagram; or pursue physical activity to an extent some would consider a little too much. Why yoga? Why crossfit? Why running? Why do you eat this not that? It’s interesting how sensitive this topic is as it relates to the personal choices and well-being of individuals.

I love these discussions, they always make me feel energised! So I’ve had time to mull over the different points of views that came out of those conversations and among the many conclusions I’ve come to, here’s one I’d like to share. When it comes to the question of why you do what you do, I think the crux of the matter is this: you do not have to justify yourself to anyone.

If you happen to inspire others with what you do, great.

If you end up achieving your fitness goals by keeping an Instagram account, fab.

If you do this to get back control and it helps you, fantastic.

If it helps you meet like-minded people, wonderful.

If you end up discovering new ideas and learning new things in health and fitness, that can only be good.

Sharing your reasons for doing what you do is one thing, but feeling obliged to justify yourself and your decisions is another. Do what works for you, and you alone. You do YOU, remember?

Hope to see you on Instagram: @asphaire.a.

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