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Review: Bulletproof coffee?

Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

Is it a hype or does it work?

The first time a good friend of mine mentioned bulletproof coffee or BPC, I visibly flinched. How can coffee, butter and coconut oil be good, let alone drinkable?! I soon discovered its cult-like following on social media, and numerous fitness influencers who swear by its effects. Of course, I have also come across articles warning me of my potential ignorance should I “fall” for the BPC craze. So far though, it seems supporters outnumber detractors, at least in my ‘algorithmically’ manipulated social media networks.

There are a lot of things written about the benefits (and lack thereof) of BPC. For the sake of this experiment, let me focus on the supposed benefits. I say “supposed” because I really haven’t seen any solid proofone subjected to the scientific method. Here are some of the things I’ve read:

  • BPC is popular among those doing intermittent fasting (IF) and/or the ketogenic diet. It appears that drinking BPC in the morning does not ‘break the fast’ so you can continue to hold out on eating until midday. For those on the keto diet, you’re basically downing a mugful of fata win keto fans.
  • When we sleep, our bodies end up using our fat stores because we’re technically in a fasted state. Drinking BPC first thing in the morning apparently continues that process of fat burning.
  • BPC fans say it gives them a burst of sustained energy, as opposed to a sudden spike in glucose caused by eating carbs which then results is a sudden crash.
  • It helps lose weight. I suppose this is a result of the supposed fat-burning process BPC facilitates.
  • It tastes good.

Okay, so I’m going to put BPC to the test and see how it goes for me for the next two weeks. I’ll be updating this post as I go along.


Day 1: Made a cup of black coffee, added less than 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of butter, and less than 1 tbsp of full-fat cream. Blend and voila. Taste is actually good. I did feel full until lunchtime, but it could also be my brain telling me the coffee is keeping me full because it’s what’s supposed to happen. My stomach grumbles loudly. A colleague hears…oops. Regardless, I don’t eat ’til noon.

Day 2: Since I don’t eat that much fat in one go (with the exception of an entire avocado), halfway through the cup of coffee, I start getting a bit dizzy. It still tastes great, but in the end, I couldn’t finish the whole thing, so I ended up hungry when I got to the office. I had a bowl of scrambled eggs and another coffee at the cafeteria. Maybe this is just my body getting used to it. I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Day 4: It was fine again and I felt good in the morning. I managed to get through to lunchtime without feeling hungry, but I did feel a little light-headed.

Day 6: Okay guys, I think I will have to pick up this experiment again another day. I miss having solid foods in the morning and since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, it’s quite sad that I’m only consuming caffeine and fat. 😦 Sorry, I’ll try again another time. 😉

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